Marig Munsel Program

MARIG MUNSEL is like Basic Training in Buddhism, a condensed version of traditional monastic training styled for Westerners. The focus is on building, step-by-step, a strong, solid, foundational understanding of Buddhism. Each year builds on the previous, which provides an unequaled method of structured Dharma study. 

The four-year program has been held in various formats depending on the hosting center. It makes use of multiple learning approaches which engage the student on many different levels.

 Students learn and practice meditation techniques, read and study texts, learn how to contemplate and integrate and write about what they study, join in both small and large group discussion as well as research and share their personal areas of interest. One of the strengths of the program is that students learn from and inspire each other in a supportive environment under the guidance of an authorized teacher.

Lama Bruce Newman is an authorized teacher whose teaching stems from his many years of personal meditation experience, retreat, and study abroad and in the West. This and his understanding of both Eastern and Western approaches to the Dharma makes him unusually qualified to teach Dharma to Western students in a way they can truly understand and integrate into their daily lives.

Bruce’s extensive experience and knowledge of the Buddhist teachings is supported by his complete commitment to transmitting them purely without compromise, making this course the perfect method to provide the practitioner with an authentic means to hear, study, and contemplate the Dharma.

This course will challenge and deepen the student and has the potential to be deeply transformative. More effective meditation, a firmer and more comprehensive understanding of the scriptures and teachings, and the ability to truly benefit from the influence of their teachers are qualities which naturally result. Students will embody greater knowledge, wisdom, and kindness in general.

Get the foundation you always wish you had. Classes are held in an interactive group format, forming a supportive sangha. Ask all the questions you didn’t know whom to ask. If you‘ve ever felt clueless about anything at all in the Dharma, join us! we have an upcoming introductory class on January 17th.